I don’t often watch the Hollywood award shows. If there’s any group of people that consider themselves more self-important than Democrat politicians, it’s the privileged Hollywood elite. But the family wanted to watch the Golden Globe awards last night, so I suffered through it. Jimmy Fallon made it at least tolerable, and Steve Carell’s & Kristin Wiig’s bit, reminiscent of the Michael Scott character, was probably the best lead-in of all the presenters.

But when Meryl Streep got up to accept her lifetime achievement award, or whatever it was, you just knew what was coming. In a room full of elite, embarrassingly wealthy admirers, she had the gall to say the privileged Hollywood elite were among the most despised classes of Americans, along with the press and (Democratic) politicians. I’m not sure why they’re surprised about that. The left has been fostering hatred against the business rich for decades. Now they’re finally getting a taste of their own medicine.

The Over- and Underregulated

But I think I’ve figured out why the silver-spoon rich on the left are so mad about the business rich being rich, and President-Elect Trump knows first hand why. And he made that a central part of his campaign: overregulation. Let’s take a look, generally, at what Trump and other small and large business owners have to do to get rich. Trump is a real estate mogul. When Trump builds a skyscraper or casino, or when a local contractor builds a house, they have hundreds of regulations and specific building codes for which they have to spend thousands of dollars to follow, and inspections galore along the way to boot. Some of these regulations are ridiculous and overly burdensome to the business man, big or small. It would seem their primary purpose is to eat into the profits of the business and put money in the coffers of the government, as if the outlandish taxation on businesses wasn’t enough. Yet the business rich still find a way to make a profit, in spite of government’s efforts to keep them from doing so.

These regulations pervade almost every industry and affect hundreds of professions. Farmers and others who make their living off the land and sea have to abide by hundreds of environmental regulations. Some fishing boat operators now have to pay for Federal inspectors to be on board their privately owned fishing vessels every time they go out to sea! Talk about government overreach! Truckers have regulations about how much they can drive, weight limits of loads, and various nuances on licensing their vehicles. Bankers have hundreds of regulations. Medical professionals who want to help the poor and the elderly have a pile of regulations almost as prolific as the IRS tax code.

But if you look at the latest complete edition of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), guess who doesn’t have any regulations to live by in their profession? That’s right, actors and actresses, journalists (their employers, however, have dozens of FCC regulations to abide by for their broadcasts), and politicians. The latter exempted themselves from Obamacare, for crying out loud! Actors and journalists have been writing blank checks for themselves for years, expecting to get a pass because of “freedom of press” and “freedom of speech.” But let a pastor preach a sermon that gives the biblical perspective on adultery, homosexuality, or gambling, and Oh, the Intolerance! Let a baker who doesn’t want to endorse a homosexual wedding refuse to bake a cake, and Oh, the Discrimination! The Hatred! And the Press and the Left vilify and financially ruin the baker or the pastor or their clientele while they rake in their opulent salaries and live their privileged lives.

Actor Birthers?

As if that part of her rant wasn’t enough, she then moved into a list of foreign-born Hollywood types and made some ridiculous comment about why the Right wasn’t asking those folks for their birth certificates while hounding Obama for his. Hello, Meryl, anyone home? Actors and other Hollywood types don’t have constitutionally imposed age and birthplace restrictions like POTUS does. How is it Streep doesn’t know that? Oh, wait, I’m guessing she does, she just thinks the Trump voters are too stupid to figure out her rant is completely irrelevant, off-topic, and downright deceptive.

If Streep and the rest of Hollywood want to know why the average, frustrated American voted for Trump and despises the Hollywood elite, they need to look no farther than themselves. They have no restrictions on what they say or do and rake in the big bucks, while hard-working business professionals have to navigate the minefield of regulations imposed by the politicians and political correctness imposed by the press to build their wealth.


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