I came back to my desk in my three-desk cubicle area to a conversation between my two managers discussing with some disdain Kellyanne Conway’s use of the phrase “alternate facts,” saying that they knew something was wrong with her for using that phrase. I found myself feeling a bit oppressed by that attitude, and I immediately began, in my mind, identifying the “alternate facts” that the Left has been throwing at conservatives, and especially conservative Christians. Although the term may be new in the American vernacular, it has been the practice of the Left for more than 50 years.

Let’s start with the classic debate about intelligent design versus evolution. Evolution has never been proven beyond a shadow of doubt and has been called into question by numerous prominent scientists. Yet Christians who believe in the absolute truth of Scripture are told they’re foolish for rejecting this so-called science. They seize the opportunity to discredit the faith of billions across the millennia, who believe a loving God created them and sustains them for a purpose, for a newfangled theory that removes any source of moral absolutes from their worldview. After all, if we’re just descendants of some primordial slime, we don’t have a Creator to answer to, and there’s no solid foundation for a moral code.

To go along with that, there’s the alternate truth about “separation of Church and State.” The Founding Fathers of these United States never intended that religion should have no place in the government or in government-funded institutions. That is so absurd! If that had been the intention, why would Jefferson have evoked the Creator for our “inalienable rights”? The corollary to that is, if the left says there’s no Creator, then what does that do to our inalienable rights? The “wall of separation” Jefferson was talking about refers to a one-way door: government has no business intruding on religion, but that is exactly what happened in the Obama administration! A baker was punished not only for his exercise of religious freedom, but also for the exercise of his rights to freedom of association and freedom of speech.

And let’s follow the “inalienable rights” connection a little farther down the trail. Since the Left denies the Creator, theoretically then, they don’t believe in the inalienable rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. But as we’ve seen, this not just a theory or hypothesis; this is how the Left acts! Political correctness is the embodiment of the Nero Redivivus myth: the government and the minority political correct oligarchy have been telling us for the last 8 years that we have to think and act a certain way, or we’re hatemongers, bigots, homophobes, racists, and a host of other pejoratives. How is that “life” if we’re expected to live like everyone else, and live at a lower standard to boot? How is that “liberty” if we have no freedom to dissent? How can we pursue “happiness” if politically correct culture is solely focused on keeping the minority 1 to 2 percent happy? The Left has come full circle from King George. They seek to impose (by mob rule of late) the religion of secularism on everyone else and persecute any shred of non-Islamic religion. (Because, of course, it’s politically incorrect to say anything bad about Islam, even though one branch of it is decidedly terroristic.)

And need I go into the other “alternate truths” the left has out there?

  • King David was a homosexual, because the Bible makes reference to him using a common middle eastern greeting (still in use today) between two people of a kiss on either cheek. Talk about historical revisionism!
  • Abortion isn’t murder or killing, it’s just a surgical procedure. The fetus in the womb isn’t human and has no rights because it’s not viable outside the womb. Yeah, somebody send those idiots back to Anatomy 101.
  • Gender is a social construct. Oh really, so now you’re rejecting the hard sciences in favor of some wacko sociopolitical agenda?
  • Man is responsible for climate change. Umm, that was going on long before the industrial era. Continental drift and seismic and volcanic activity have had more impact on the Earth’s climate than man will ever have.
  • God is dead. If that’s show, then show me the corpse.

The Right, and conservatives generally, now have a champion against these alternate truths of the Left, and so far, he is proving himself a capable commander-in-chief in that charge. Congress needs to step up and follow his leadership, and judges need to get back to the Constitution and quit promulgating their sociopolitical agenda. Those on the right need to rally behind our champion and pray for his success.

Scott Stocking

My views are my own. Period.


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