In spite of the fact that James Comey and other leaders on the left have repeatedly acknowledged there is no evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 U.S. election, the media continues to grasp on to any thread that could remotely lead back to such a connection. The connections they try to make, if they weren’t so slanderous and libelous, are almost laughable. A recent Harvard study documents that coverage of President Trump is more negative than the previous three presidents, nearly 80 percent. We shouldn’t be surprised by this, given that over 90 percent of the media votes for a liberal ticket.

Why is coverage so persistently negative, almost to a point of obsessive behavior? Why do they gloss over Comey’s documentation of Hillary’s multiple violations of Title 18 of the U.S. Code (the section of the code dealing with criminal actions), yet worry about Trump legitimately sharing known intelligence information with Russians to protect innocent lives? Why do they harp on Trump’s tweets when the DNC chairman, Tom Perez, regularly goes on foul-mouthed rants against Trump? Why do they continually suggest Trump’s election wasn’t legitimate for any number of phony reasons, and trash the U.S. Constitution in the process?

I think the response from the Left reveals some important psychological clues as to what really is going on, and it all revolves around the little-publicized tragedy of the murder of Seth Rich, the young DNC worker, in the summer of 2016. I was rather shocked to hear recent news reports in which Julian Assange, the exiled founder of WikiLeaks, strongly implies that Seth Rich was one of his sources, perhaps his main source, for the DNC e-mails that revealed so much of the Democratic party’s corruption during the primaries, especially the Bernie Sanders shaft. If the DNC found out that Seth was the source, could it be that he had become “a problem”?

Hearing this story brought back memories of the Vince Foster “suicide” during the Clinton presidency. It was widely, and probably not falsely, speculated at the time that Hillary had been having or had had an affair with Vince Foster. And of course, there were also rumors circling at the time that the Clintons had a way of “dealing” with problems in a permanent way. If in fact Seth found himself on the wrong side of the Clintons or the DNC in general, this may explain some of the more schizophrenic behavior of the Left.

The rush to judgment about Trump, then, may in fact be an attempt to get to Trump before the truth about who murdered (or ordered the hit on) Seth Rich comes out. My theory here is that the Left knows who murdered Seth, and they’re deflecting their guilt by going after Trump. Perez’s vile rants may in fact be an expression of his own guilt in the matter. Hillary’s blame game and refusal to acknowledge her own failings is another sign. Maxine Waters’ psychotic talk of impeaching a president who has done nothing impeachable may just be her personality; then again, maybe not. We’ve seen this before. The Left and their media thugs do all they can to vilify the right, and once the damage is done, only then do they acknowledge, in passing, the complicity of the Left in the very crimes those they had destroyed on the Right had been crying foul about. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that, when the Left gets done destroying as many people on the Right as they can, we’ll find out someone prominent on the Left was responsible in some way for the murder of Seth Rich, but just like Hillary and her criminal back-room server, the media will sweep that story under the rug, and those on the Left who are responsible for his murder will ultimately hold positions of power in the near future.

I hope and pray that Robert Mueller will get to the bottom of all this and put the final shovel on the grave of the Left. Trump hasn’t been formally or reasonably implicated in any crime, but because people don’t understand he doesn’t talk like a typical politician, they hate him or are afraid of him. I honestly cannot believe one word the mainstream media says any more. I always have to wonder, “What’s the agenda? What’s the filter?” Godspeed, Mr. Mueller, and may God Bless America!

My opinions are my own.

Scott Stocking


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